Features introduction

The current APIOAK functions, routing, user functions are as follows, and will be continuously improved in the future. You are welcome to continue to pay attention!

  • Projects

    • Support project prefix for multi-tenant isolation.

    • Support multi-environment configuration, Production Environment,Pre-launch Environment, Test Environment completely isolated to meet the full life cycle management of CI and CD.

    • Support dynamic weighted Round-Robin load balancing.

    • Support dynamic consistency Hash load balancing.

    • Support dynamic node configuration, dynamic Host configuration.

    • Support upstream service Connection,Send, Read timeout setting.

    • Support plug-in hot plug, project plug-in can be inherited by all routes(APIs) under the project.

    • Support automatic generation of project documents.

    • Support project member management.

  • Routers

    • Support front-end and back-end request routing mapping.

    • Support front-end and back-end request method mapping.

    • Support cross mapping of front and back request parameters.

    • Support request constant parameter definition.

    • Support custom response data and response data type.

    • Support plug-in hot swap.

    • Support Mock request, accelerate the development process of front and back end separation.

    • Supports automatic generation of routing (APIs) documents.

    • Support multi-environment routing (APIs) online and offline.

    • Support multi-environment routing (APIs) one-click replication.

  • Users

    • Support users login and registration.

    • Support users to create, edit and delete.

    • Support users to disable globally.

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